Review Transition-Scapes Workshop

Image: (cc) Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

Transition-Scapes is a research project that explores the design of interactive (exhibition) formats that depict and represent future spatial scenarios around the (energy) transition and their civic implications. It follows a research-by-design process where a prototype is developed for the Huis van de Toekomst in Bospolder-Tussendijken in Rotterdam. Linda Vlassenrood is the curator and lead researcher of the project.  

The second workshop in this process took place on 24 and 25 of April on location at the Huis van de Toekomst. The aim of the workshop was to outline two concepts for a Transition-Scape prototype that will be further developed and eventually tested.  

During the workshop we worked collectively to (1) better understand the spaces currently available in the J.J.P. Oud block and the initiatives they host, (2) to establish an alternative value system and try to model it, (3) to discuss the possible connections between the model and the reality, and finally (4) to explore whether the Transition-Scape is mainly about an experience or about the modeling visualization.  

The first day concluded with the presentation of the rapid prototyping exercises carried out by the Master Digital Design students, which provided inspiration on aspects of community building, sharing, and exchange, activating public spaces through collaboration, and creative ways of engaging with utility companies.  

Building up on the visualization and interchangeability of the four values identified in the first workshop, uur (for time), huur (for rent/money), buur (for neighborliness), and vuur (for individual happiness), we identified two main directions that the Transition-Scape could take. The first is as a community building tool, where citizens themselves understand that they can have an impact with the means they have at their disposal, and the second is as a management tool, helping institutions to visualize and thus recognize social and other benefits that are currently hidden from their processes. 

Transition-Scapes, has been accepted for a RAAK SME grant funded by National Organisation for Applied Research SIA (Regieorgaan SIA ), part of the Dutch Research Council (NOW) and will be developed as a collaboration between AUAS – Civic Interaction Design Research Group , AUAS – Spatial Urban Transformation Research Group, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), Arcam, the Nieuwe Instituut, UNStudio, Bright, the Huis van de Toekomst, One Architecture, Clever Franke, Tellart, Shosho, the City of Amsterdam, Alliander, &Flux, Over Morgen, Play the City, the University of Amsterdam, Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, Delft University of Technology.