Pre-Launch It's About Time. The Architecture of Climate Change

It’s About Time: The Architecture of Climate Change. Image: Stahl-R


Join us for the launch of It’s About Time at the Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam on September 22. This groundbreaking book delves into the intersection of climate action and architectural design, showcasing the profound connection between the history of climate change and the evolution of architecture. With the participation of Tom Avermaete and Daniel Barber (tbc).

Authors: Derk Loorbach, Véronique Patteeuw, Léa-Catherine Szacka, Peter Veenstra.

The history of climate change and the history of architecture are connected in many ways. This book intertwines climate action and architectural design through time. It explores architectural experimentation in the past, depicts the present moment of transition and offers hopeful glimpses of the future.

It’s About Time reveals time as a crucial but overlooked aspect in designing sustainable futures. Bridging past, present and future, the book presents historical and contemporary projects such as solar houses, autonomous structures and earth buildings, along with over 45 key moments in environmental awareness history. Among them the first Earth Day, the UN conference in Stockholm, Eco-science fiction movies and the Chernobyl disaster, but also the Paris Agreements and the European Green Deal. Serving as both a handbook and a source of inspiration, it targets architects, educators, students and everyone involved in shaping better futures. Urgent in its message, it claims that the momentum to realize change has arrived, and that the field of architecture can play an important role in the transitions ahead.

€ 29.95 | September 2024 eng | ISBN 978-94-6208-879-5 paperback | 256 p. | 17 x 24 cm | 200 ills | w-titel | nur 648 | design: Stahl R | in collaboration with: IABR