Transition-Scapes kickoff

SVG Placeholder

Transition-Scapes is a two-year research project of the Civic Interaction Design lectorate of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences that will take place in the 2023-2025 period. Transition-Scapes investigates interactive exhibition formats that can be used to visualize future scenarios about the energy transition. The aim is to make the implications of the transition understandable and discussable at the level of citizens. 

To involve citizens in the energy transition, stakeholders are looking for new tools that allow them to visualize different scenarios regarding complex transition challenges and make their implications understandable and discussable at the level of the living environment. This research project explores the design of such a tool: Transition-Scapes. These are interactive exhibition formats that aim tot visualize and present future scenarios about the (energy) transition. Design professionals, exhibition makers, energy transition experts, researchers and students are working together to develop a design framework for the design and use of such a tool. 

The trajectory includes the development of two prototypes for Transition-Scapes through a Research-through-Design process. A first prototype will be developed for the Haven-Stad area in Amsterdam. A second prototype will be developed for the Bospolder-Tussendijken district in Rotterdam. The IABR is the project partner for Bospolder-Tussendijken. 

On 19 September, the consortium will meet for the first time for a kickoff meeting. In addition to the IABR, the consortium includes Arcam, Het Nieuwe Instituut, UNStudio, Bright, One Architecture, Generation.Energy, Clever Franke, Tellart, Shosho, City of Amsterdam, Alliander, &Flux, Over Morgen, Play the City, AUAS – Spatial Urban Transformation Research Group, University of Amsterdam, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Delft University of Technology.