Open letter to Dutch state secretary Uslu

SVG Placeholder

On 21 June 2023, Sandra Beckermann submitted a motion calling for an investigation into the possible return of a national architecture institute. The motion was carried by a large majority. In architecture circles, the motion is already causing a stir. Director Aric Chen and managing director Josien Paulides of Het Nieuwe Instituut responded.

The Stichting Coördinatie Lokale Architectuurinitiatieven (CoLA) and the IABR jointly wrote a letter to State Secretary Uslu. We would like to share the content of the letter with you.

The national network of local organizations for architecture culture puts (inter)national spatial issues on the agenda and calls for more attention to be paid to architecture culture by supporting existing cultural networks and infrastructures, by connecting architects, architecture culture, and stakeholder networks to (inter)national social spatial tasks and to people’s living environment.

Also, managing architecture culture does not automatically lead to the construction of more dwellings more quickly. But a good housing policy is not possible without a coherent architecture policy, from which good commissioning and thus a good design culture can emerge, including a stronger position for the architect.

Download the letter at the bottom of this page.

Meanwhile, an appointment with State Secretary Uslu has been scheduled.