Agent of Change – Oskar Johanson


The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (financially) enables a number of researchers and has appointed them as so-called Agents of Change. These researchers are commissioned to reflect on the effects and (spatial) consequences of a changing world, by conducting research into specific themes that lie on the periphery of the current (architectural) discourse. In doing so, they deepen the understanding and/or catalyze the discussion on particular topics, which can then find their way into the public debate and contribute to sharpening, broadening, nurture and renewing the architectural discourse/discipline.

Oskar Johanson has been approached as Agent of Change for the upcoming period.

Wall Sydney. Photo: Oscar Johanson

Research by

    • Oskar Johanson

In settler-colonial territories, such as Australia, climate change mitigation and adaptation infrastructures are built on stolen land. Contextualising these architectures within the coloniser myths and temporalities that precede them is thus critical work - whether for the spatial practitioners involved in their design or those agitating against their construction in the first place. This webinar is organised by the IABR in collaboration with Oskar Johanson (architectural designer, educator and writer). The event brings together spatial practitioners and researchers from Australia and presents a number of positions on land, being, occupation, time, the visual culture of catastrophe, and nationalist myth to better reveal the work that has already been done - and that which is yet to be.

View the webinar Knowledge Systems in Colonized Territories by Oskar Johanson: