Announcement Graphic Designers IABR 2024 'Nature of Hope'


Esther Le Roy and Sarah Cleeremans. Photo: Sabine van der Vooren

We are also pleased to introduce Studio Le Roy Cleeremans, consisting of Esther Le Roy and Sarah Cleeremans, for the graphic design of the upcoming biennale. With a great preference for typography, the studio's design attitude is characterized by a functionalist approach to design: a practice in which signs are created by the necessity of their existence and by their ability to describe and narrate interests and contexts. The studio has won several awards including the 'Best Dutch Book Design 2020' and the 'Best Dummy Award' in 2019 and has previously produced work for the Venice Biennale 2023 and the International Biennale Graphic Design in Brno. Esther and Sarah bring considerable experience and creativity and we are eager to see how they will enrich the biennale by their unique approach and exceptional talent.