Scenarios for Rotterdam in 2060

The exhibition Meteopolis in the Keilezaal. Photo: Dewi Baggerman
    • April 1, 2021
    • Keilezaal
    • Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam

For Rotterdam, a low-lying delta city, water has always been friend and foe. But against the backdrop of climate change, more and more, a sense of danger threatened to predominate. The consequences of global warming gave the water challenge Rotterdam faces a new urgency. Soil subsidence, water safety, extreme precipitation, heat, and drought are major and acute challenges for the city. Four architecture studio's, Verveeld Verward, De Zwarte Hond + Strootman Landschapsarchitecten, Marieke Vromans & Floor van den Bergh en Walden Studio, designed a future scenario for the city of Rotterdam in 2060.

Due to the extension of the lockdown this exhibition could not be opened to the public. However, you can still take a virtual tour of meteopolis (only in dutch): Click here.

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Virtual tour door de tentoonstelling Meteopolis

The City of Rotterdam’s program Weatherwise Rotterdam (Rotterdams Weerwoord), presented four design offices with a challenge: devise and design a future scenario for Rotterdam, keeping in mind that the city is facing climate change, extreme weather and rising sea levels. The designers were asked to take as their point of departure the decision to embrace the water, rather than continuing to fight it. And to consider whether or not we will be able to live in Rotterdam in 2060, and if so, how.

Future Scenario's

The four future scenarios by the design studio's Verveeld Verward, De Zwarte Hond + Strootman Landschapsarchitecten, Marieke Vromans & Floor van den Bergh and Walden Studio will be presented at Meteopolis, an exhibition that offers visitors a look at Rotterdam in 2060, in the context of de 9th IABR Down to Earth. The aim is to further an informed, open and pointed discussion about the complex problems that climate change will confront us with and to influence decision-making processes in such a way that we will still be able to live in Rotterdam in 40 years’ time.