Making City Istanbul

Photo: George Brugmans
    • from October 10 to December 13, 2012
    • Istanbul Modern
    • Beyoğlu

The results of the IABR Atelier Istanbul, set up by the IABR and the Municipality of Arnavutköy (Istanbul), were first displayed in the main exhibition of the 5th IABR: Making City.

The design research conducted by the offices H+N+S Landscape Architects and 51N4E did not end with this presentation, however. A more elaborate version of the plans and new specific design proposals for pilot projects to be implemented by 2014 will form the core of the exhibition Making City Istanbul. This exhibition also features a selection of international ‘best practices’, which propose innovative answers to similar urban questions. 

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Arnavutköy, Istanbul

The municipality of Arnavutköy holds crucial drinking water reservoirs for the Istanbul metropolitan region. This area is largely agrarian. But as the city advances, tension is growing between ecological interests and ongoing urbanization. The challenge is to incorporate urban developments in the existing productive landscape.

Test Site Istanbul

The IABR is developing a Strategic Plan for the area together with the municipality of Arnavutköy. An international team headed by Joachim Declerck (member of the Curator Team) is working on the assignment in a multidisciplinary and ‘multi-departmental’ manner and to be ready in the Spring of 2012. The core team consists of H+N+S Landscape Architects from Holland and the design office 51N4E from Belgium.

Foto: Archief IABR

The problems that Arnavutköy faces are not unique. All around the world the menacing imbalance between ecology and urbanisation is a problem facing many metropolitan regions. The team is therefore working on a local solution that can also serve as an example for other municipalities in the north of Istanbul.