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The aim of the Panorama Ukraine collaboration is to draw on the expertise of the Netherlands to rebuild Ukraine in a sustainable and resilient way. The Netherlands has a history of innovative water management and infrastructure development and can offer valuable lessons for Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts. This project has been developed with and by Ukrainian architects and urban designers. Panorama Ukraine has a design dimension, but also serves to give the people hope, protect their human dignity, and strengthen their self-esteem. The collaborating partners are delighted that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has made this project possible by granting a substantial sum of money.

Workshop Working on Water. Photo: Sabine van der Vooren
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The war in Ukraine has not only destroyed a large number of cities, but also vital infrastructure, particularly in the east, and caused significant internal and regional international migration: millions of people have been affected in numerous ways. Much of the existing built environment was already in such poor condition that the country now needs a powerful boost. The most obvious thing to do now is to connect this social challenge with that of the recent physical devastation caused by the Russia invasion and with concrete urgencies such as the need for immediate assistance in the provision of (emergency) housing. Attacks on vital infrastructure – such as the 6 June 2023 attack on the Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region north of the Crimea, which was annexed in 2014, the occupation of oil rigs, and air strikes on port areas like the one in Odessa – are also causing enormous damage to the economy, ecology and agriculture and social services. It therefore makes sense to start thinking about rebuilding the country, even though the war is still raging in all its intensity and is not about to end. The reconstruction of Ukraine will be guided by dialogue with the people of Ukraine and by listening to their needs.

Participants and experts discussing during Working on Water workshop. Photo: Sabine van der Vooren

Panorama Ukraine explores six themes

To make a good plan for the short and especially the long term, several events will take place around the themes:

- Regenerative water management and biodiversity

- Healthy and future-proof neighborhoods

- Sustainable energy production

- Circular economy & Regenerative agriculture

- Sustainable mobility

- Good governance

The first workshop, Working on Water, took place at the Keilepand in Rotterdam from 27 November to 1 December 2023. During this workshop, architects, urban designers, policymakers, and academics worked on the reconstruction of the Dnipro Delta region, the area in southern Ukraine where the Kakhovka dam was destroyed on 6 June 2023. It also included lectures on and excursions related to water and its role in the reconstruction.

The following events, focusing on the other themes, will be organized in 2024.

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In the long term, the lessons learned during the workshops will be shared in an online environment so that other areas and countries can benefit from the building blocks for reconstruction.

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Map overview of Ukraine. Photo: Sabine van der Vooren