Making Almere

From top-down to bottom-up-city making

Making City - Making Almere. Photo: IABR
    • from April 21 to December 31, 2012
    • City Mall (main venue)
    • Esplanade Almere

Almere originated as a ‘premeditated city’. In other words, it was conceived, planned and designed from the top down as a new city. Today it is home to more than 190,000 people. Thousands of residents with ideas of their own, and wishes that, unlike forty years ago, can actively help shape the future development of the city. Almere is thus reversing from top-down to bottom-up planning. 

The Making Almere exhibition examines the new direction followed by Almere. Visitors are challenged, sometimes even put on the spot, to come up with ideas and contribute to the city. The dynamic exhibition will expand continually with input from visitors and with the results of debates, guided tours, workshops and other events. What’s more, visitors can use the Augmented Reality app UAR to learn about recent and future initiatives in the city. 

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