Het Mozaïek van Brabant

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The film Het Mozaïek van Brabant (The Mosaic Metropolis of Brabant) documents the work of the IABR Atelier BrabantStad.

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Brabant is a "mosaic metropolis". It is in essence a dispersed city, an urban landscape. It is an extensive and flexible mosaic, with different land use both in high and low densities, with smaller cities and many villages, intensive agriculture and small industry, and with an abundance of nature and water.

BrabantStad, an alliance between the cities of Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Breda, Tilburg, Helmond and the province North Brabant, is one of the most productive regions of Europe. But it has to battle the financial crisis and administrative change.

What would joining forces bring these cities more than what they cannot accomplish on their own? What are the opportunities and which are the obstacles? What would make BrabantStad a cohesive urban metabolism, and how exactly are agendas, ambitions and actors interconnected?

The results of the Projectatelier BrabantStad are presented at the exhibition Strategies for the Urban Landscape, part of IABR 2014: Urban by Nature.