Welcoming Wednesday #7

Kantoor IABR Photo: Sabine van der Vooren
    • September 27, 2023
    • IABR Office
    • Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam

During Welcoming Wednesday we open our IABR-doors to you. Are you an architect, a researcher, an urban designer, a writer or do you want to share ideas on how to contribute to the societal challenges we face? Is there something you want to ask, share, tell or show Saskia van Stein (general and artistic director of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam)? We’re all limited by the scope of our horizon and we aim to break that frame and so are open to your questions, projects, portfolio or initiative.

We hope to welcome you soon.

The next Welcoming Wednesday will be on 27 September. Please send an email to to make appointment.