City Makers conference

Land for Living

    • November 17
    • Gooilandsingel 95, Rotterdam

The IABR will contribute to the City Makers conference (Stadmakerscongres), which will be held on 17 November in Theater Rotterdam, participating in the session Land for Living (Grond voor Wonen0 organized by Platform Woonopgave (Sanne van Manen and Mark Minkjan) at the invitation of AIR. This session will include an in-depth discussion on the role of land policy in today’s housing challenge. Land is crucial, not only for newbuilds, but also for equitable and appropriate long-term spatial development. In some forms of land lease, but also in community land trusts, land is considered a public good. What adjustments in land policy can ensure affordability, diversity, and housing quality? 

This discussion will build on the new Rotterdamse Woonvisie, which housing strategist for the city of Rotterdam Sandra Sijbers will present to kick off the session. Also invited to this table are Thieme Hennis of And the People (who research and promote community land trusts for the Dutch situation), Like Bijlsma of PBL, Annius Hoornstra of The Positive Lab, and Theo Stauttener of Stadkwadraat. 


  • 13:00 - 14:30

    Voertaal: Nederlands / Language: Dutch spoken