Ministry of Make! x Apeldoorn


    • from September 25 to October 27, 2023
    • Het Waterschapshuis
    • Steenbokstraat 10, Apeldoorn

Starting 25 September, the Ministry of Make! will be taking part in an exhibition in the Waterschapshuis in Apeldoorn (Steenbokstraat 10). The models on display, representing the area of the Waterschap Vallei and the Veluwe (part of the provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland and Overijssel), have been created by Experimental Housing Re-imagined (Barzilay+Ferwerda), Special Projects (Schipper Bosch), Z | B, Jona 20in2040 (Origame), Urhahn, JDWA and Huibers van Weelden Architects. The models are the result of an open call to develop 10,000 climate-resilient dwellings in a self-selected area in the Netherlands.

Through its participation in this exhibition the Ministry, in collaboration with local spatial stakeholders, is looking deeper into the specific spatial challenges in a particular region. The aim is to concretize the connection between national policy and local challenges and open the discussion about the future of our space. The Ministry of Make!, a self-proclaimed inter-ministry, was set up on 16 June 2022 by ZUS, MANN and the IABR, and is based on the idea that an accumulation of challenges – the housing shortage, the energy transition, and the effects of climate change – require imaginative power and spatially integrated solutions. 

The Ministry of Make! thus constitutes a single ministry of collaborating parties, rooted in local contexts, that thinks ahead and plans and builds to deliver, in a sustainable and responsible manner, and with respect for future generations, the 1 million extra places to live we need.

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Image: Ministerie van Maak!