Carbon Stories #2

Lecture and dialogue Systemische Innovatie

    • April 20, 2023
    • Keilepand
    • Keilestraat 9F, Rotterdam

On April 20, KeileCollectief, CARBONLAB | GROUP A and IABR organize the second edition of the debate series Carbon Stories. This evening, together with speakers from different disciplines, we zoom in on systemic innovation in the building sector.

Architect Peter van Assche (bureau SLA) and senior advisor sustainable & innovative building Thomas Wellink (RVO) and other parties from the construction sector will join the debate. They present examples of systemic innovation and share their perspective on the subject. What is the role of the financial sector, the government and designers in the transition to a climate-positive built environment? How do the different sectors relate to each other? What changes, connections and collaborations are needed to accelerate this transition?

While previous editions of Carbon Stories focused on material innovation and the opportunities for a CO2-negative society, this edition zooms in on the question of how we can get the transition done on a systemic level. We will explore what is needed to scale up climate-positive materials and adapt regulations. What economic measures are needed and what role does education play in this? What is needed right now to reach the Paris Agreement target of 2030?

Carbon Stories catalyzes the conversation about the possibilities and impossibilities of a climate-positive built environment. The perspectives of the designer, financier, developer, builder, resident, consultant and material supplier are addressed. In a series of thematic meetings, Carbon Stories will explore the CO2 issue in the building sector in depth.

The event will be Dutch spoken.


  • 19:30 - 21:30

    Voertaal: Nederlands
    Toegang: Gratis