Carbon Stories #5

Dabate 'Architects, let's calculate and act on CO2 reduction!'

    • September 21
    • Keilestraat 9F, Rotterdam

On Thursday 21 September, the fifth edition of Carbon Stories will take place in the Keilepand in Rotterdam. The Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and architecture firm GROUP A I CarbonLab and KeileCollectief initiate these talks to catalyze the necessary transitions in the building industry. Each edition looks at the question of how the construction sector can reduce its CO2 emissions through a different lens.

In this edition, entitled ‘Carbon Stories: Architects, Let’s Calculate and Act on CO2 reduction!’, with a keynote lecture by MVRDV, and responses by Urban Climate Architects, GROUP A and La-di-da Design & Architecture will exchange experiences on making their projects CO2-free and discuss the changing role of the architect. The event will be moderated by Geert Maarse.

As we have just experienced the warmest planetary June and July since weather reports have been documented, the urgency to mitigate climate change is literally palpable. It is of critical importance for the construction industry to understand its current CO2 emissions and its potential for reduction or even storage in climate positive projects. What are the methods architects use for calculating CO2? How does it (re)define their role in relation to other stakeholders?

After three years of fundamental research into the role and relation carbon has to architecture, architecture firm MVRDV presents their calculation guidelines and what these could mean for architects pursuing impact with their work. The architectural teams of GROUP A, Urban Climate Architects and Ladida took this challenge to the core of their practice. Speakers will share their journeys towards decarbonizing their projects and how they see their role in the construction industry.

How to achieve a fundamental understanding of carbon based design in an era of urgency where every building, every ton of CO2 and every second counts? How to get from input to output in time to make a significant difference in projects’ CO2 reduction? What roles do the teams see for the architect in the trajectory of making Carbon Based design work and on which scale?

Investors, contractors, suppliers, policymakers, designers, educators, students and designers are all invited to share and debate the do’s, the don’ts, lessons learned, availability and quality of data, calculation methods, roles and carbon based design guidelines.

The event is English spoken.

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  • 19:30 - 21:30

    Keynote Sanne van der Burgh, associate director en head of MVRDV NEXT vertelt over het onderzoek van MVRDV naar de mogelijkheden van CO2-reductie en wat carbon based design kan betekenen voor architecten. Willem van Genugten, sustainable business developer at GROUP A en aanjager van CARBONLAB, Tim Vermeend, creatief directeur van Urban Climate Architects en Diederik de Koning partner bij la-di-da delen hun perspectief op de rol van CO2-reductie in het ontwerpproces. De sprekers nemen je mee in de reis naar CO2-reductie en delen hoe ze de rol van de architect in de bouwsector zien. Keynote Sanne van der Burgh, associate director and head of MVRDV NEXT will share MVRDV ‘s research on the possibilities of CO2-reduction and what carbon based design could mean for architects. Willem van Genugten, sustainable business developer at GROUP A and driver of CARBONLAB, Tim Vermeend, creative director at Urban Climate Architects and Diederik de Koning partner at la-di-da will share their journeys towards decarbonizing their projects and how they see their role in the construction industry.