Carbon Stories #1

Debate 'Climate Positive Materials'

    • February 23
    • Keilepand
    • Keilestraat 9F, Rotterdam

Following ‘The Great CO2 Debate’, CARBONLAB – GROUP A, IABR and the KeileCollectief are hosting the debate ‘Carbon Stories: Climate Positive Materials’. Together with architects and stakeholders from the building sector, we zoom in on material innovation in construction. How can we accelerate the transition to climate-positive construction?

With all disciplines in the construction industry, ‘Carbon Stories’ explores what (system) changes are needed to achieve a climate-positive built environment. This year we will focus on this topic in a series of events. Each edition will have a different perspective on how the construction sector can reduce its CO2 emissions. This edition zooms in on what climate-positive materials can contribute to this process.

Speakers will share their perspectives on systemic material innovation. Driven by the question 'How can we accelerate the transition?', we discuss the opportunities and challenges of climate-positive materials. After all, we only have 7 years left to reach the 2030 Paris Agreement objective. What is the task of remaining within 1.5 degrees of global warming? What role can materials play in this and what value chains are needed to achieve this? What is already possible and what is within reach? How do we get everyone on board in a meaningful way and on a relevant scale?

The ‘Carbon Stories’ series follows ‘The Great CO2 Debate’ that took place on November 10, 2022 in the Keilepand. In the conversation about the (im)possibilities of a climate-positive built environment, the perspectives of the designer, financier, developer, constructor, consultant and material supplier were discussed. With ‘Carbon Stories’, we are delving into the CO2 issue, construction industry wide, in a series of thematic events.


  • 19:30 - 21:30

    Moderator: Geert Maarse
    Voertaal: Engels