What are the criteria for the selection of proposals?
The evaluation of the entries will be done according to three main criteria:
1. Relevance to the theme of the 10th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, IT’S ABOUT TIME. Notably in relation to the notion of time and the responsiveness to the current environmental crisis.
2. Effectiveness in terms of the socio-ecological transition.
3. Depth, complexity, and overall strength of the vision proposed. The quality of research, collaborations established, and design will also be kept into consideration.

Who will evaluate the proposal?
The curatorial team of the IABR 2022, jointly with Saskia van Stein, Director of the IABR, will be in charge of the selection.

Who are the curators of this year’s edition?
The curatorial team of the 2022 edition IT’S ABOUT TIME consists of:
Prof Dr. Derk Loorbach, professor of Socioeconomic Transitions, director of DRIFT, a world-leading institute for research on and forsustainability transitions, and principal investigator of the Design, Impact, Transition (DIT) platform of the Erasmus University Rotterdam;
PASZA Platform for Architectural research, founded by Véronique Patteeuw, lecturer at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et du Paysage Lille, visiting lecturer at the KU Leuven and EPFL Lausanne and academic editor of OASE, and Dr. Léa-Catherine Szacka, senior lecturer in Architectural Studies at the University of Manchester, and visiting lecturer at The Berlage, Delft University of Technology, and ETH Zurich;
and Peter Veenstra, co-founder of LOLA Landscape Architects.

What is the IABR?
IABR, the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, is a think and do tank and a biennial platform for architecture, urban design, spatial planning and landscape architecture. The IABR enables research as well as concrete (cultural) contributions to the changes needed for a sustainable and equitable future for mankind and the planet.

The IABR was founded in 2001 on the conviction that architecture and especially urban planning are of great social importance. It mainly focuses on the future of the city where, in just a few decades, nearly 80 percent of the world’s population will produce more than 90 percent of our wealth—and this willhave tobe done sustainably.

We can only solve the climate crisis if we solve it in the cities first. And to achieve this, good design is crucial. Well-designed, socially inclusive, resilient cities are our gateway to the future. The challenge is clear. And it is now or never. For more information, please follow this link.

What will happen to the selected projects after the deadline for the open call?
The open call leads to a selection process. Selected proposals will be exhibited as part of the 10th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, IT’S ABOUT TIME. All the selected projects will be exhibited. All candidates will receive a response to their submission by June 2022. The curatorial team will get in contact with the selected participants to study more specifically how to display their proposal. Funding will be available to cover production expenses.

To what « design attitude » does my project belong?
The 10th IABR wants to stress the importance of time in the definition of a new perspective in the conception of our built environments. These three design attitudes (ACCELERATOR, ACTIVIST,ANCESTOR) exemplify three possible approaches to time. You can choose which attitude resonates more with your design approach and work. More than one attitude can be selected.

Is there funding available?
The IABR will cover production expenses for all selected exhibition entries. Specific arrangements will be taken between the curatorial team and the participants to define the final layout. The curatorial team will get in touch with the selected contributors to discuss the possibilities of display of their work.The Biennale has basic funding in place but encourages the contributors to propose and seek additional funding streams from external funders such as institutions, embassies, and others.

Is there a registration fee?
There is no registration fee required.

In which venue will the IABR 2022 take place?
The 10th edition of IABR will take place in the Ferro Dome, a former gasometer near the harbor, which is being transformed into a cultural hotspot. IABR 2022: IT’S ABOUT TIME will be the first cultural event to take place in this 3000sqm industrial building since 2016.

What is the schedule for the open call and the IABR?
The submission deadline is 15 May 2022, 12 p.m. CET. The results of the selection process will be sent individually to each participant by the end of June 2022. The 10thInternational Architecture Biennale Rotterdam will open its doors on 22 September 2022 and close on 27 November 2022.

Can projects built anywhere in the world be submitted?
Yes! Projects can be submitted from anywhere. Even other planets, or outer space, especially if they can help understand, and ultimately improve, the living conditions on planet Earth. Diversity, in terms of the geographical origin of the projects, will be taken into consideration.

How are the Intellectual Property Rights of the entries protected?
The open call leads to a first selection process. The material submitted is strictly confidential and it will not be published in any form. The curatorial team will be in contact with the selected entries and, once the final layout will be defined, a specific contract will be issued with details on the temporary use of Intellectual Property Rights.

Can I submit more than one project?
Yes, there are no limitations to how many projects can be submitted.

Do the projects need to be realized?
The submissions can include realized projects, as well as conceptual proposals, research, and photography. Proposals can include academic thesis and research-based projects. However, to be selected the proposals needs to comply with the main theme and criteria of IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Does it matter the year in which the project was built or conceived?
Not necessarily. All entries will be considered and evaluated according to the conformity with the criteria. The central theme of the exhibition is Time, therefore projects from the past, and present, will be all accepted, and even projects set up in future scenarios are welcomed.

When selected, will the submitted images and texts be exhibited?
Not necessarily. The curatorial team will be in contact with the selected participants to establish a conversation on what material will be more appropriate to exhibit and publish in the catalog. The resulting dialogue is intended to define the best conditions to display each project.

Can I submit my projects in other languages than English?
Entries are required to be submitted exclusively in English. If necessary, we recommend using a virtual machine translation, such as DeepL or Google Translate. The entries will not be judged on the quality of language and translation, but according to the criteria mentioned above.

Can I upload a video?
If you think it will be beneficial to explain your proposal, you can also upload a video. You can add it to the WeTransfer link (or other internet-based file transfer services) to the list of submitted images. Please respect the maximum limit of 6 submitted documents. This means that if you upload one video, you will only have space for an additional 5 images.

I have a question that is not answered in the FAQs. What can I do?Please send your question to call@iabr.nl. We will make sure that your request is addressed and answered in a reasonable time frame.