Due to the pandemic and the consequent prolongation of the 9th edition of the IABR, DOWN TO EARTH, of which he also took on the chief curatorship in view of the crisis situation, the current president of the IABR foundation, George Brugmans, stayed on longer than he intended.
Now it's high time for someone else to take over. After directing the IABR for almost seventeen years, George is leaving after the summer. And that is why the IABR is looking for a new president.

Transition is the challenge
The new president will face a substantial but exciting challenge. Because transition will be the key word for the IABR in the coming years. Working on major transition challenges is and will remain central to its long-term policy. The next biennial, SHOCK AND ROLL, will put the link between design and transition in city making practice on the agenda. And the IABR itself faces a sweeping internal transition process.
On the subject of internal transition: the IABR proves to be more than adequately resilient and versatile as it faces the current, extremely difficult circumstances. It is financially healthy and in terms of content it is totally conversant with the spirit of the times. It is becoming increasingly clear how necessary and important it is to harness the connecting, imaginative, and creative strength of research by design, design, architecture and urbanism to collaboratively explore a path to a sustainable future.

Making a difference, in a new way
The IABR can continue to make a difference in line with its objective to contribute to the best of its ability to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The three core values of the SDGs, equality, inclusiveness and sustainability, remain central to the policy. But the IABR must implement that policy in a slimmed-down and completely new form. And under new leadership.

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Core values such as equality, cultural diversity, social inclusiveness and sustainability are self-evident to the IABR. We endorse the Cultural Governance Code, the Fair Practice Code and the Diversity and Inclusion Code. The IABR strives for diversity in its teams, activities, partners and audience reach. We expressly invite anyone who thinks she or he can contribute to our goals to respond.