Water as Leverage Asia

Sarah Ichioka, the IABR–2020–Curator for Water as Leverage, and the IABR invite the submission of best strategies and practices in response to the Open Call: Water as Leverage.
Prospective participants –including designers, architects, academics, artists, planners, activists, cities, universities, companies, and social organizations– are invited to respond to this Open Call, and submit their applications by November 1, 2019.

The Open Call can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to receive concrete design proposals, preferably developed in productive collaboration with local, regional, and national stakeholders. The final result of the Open Call –best practices and strategies from around the world– will be presented alongside other main content elements in Flows (working title), the main exhibition of IABR–2020 to be presented in the Keilezaal, located in Rotterdam's dynamic Merwe-Vierhavens district.

IABR–2020–DOWN TO EARTH starts from the premise that we are facing the deepest crisis in human memory. We must urgently rethink the ways we inhabit the Earth, through real climate action, a new political orientation, and integrated planning. This is a design challenge entwined in a political struggle and the opportunity for cultural transformation. We must begin to think of ourselves and our work as a form of political activism, take stock of our capacity for real impact, and remake our disciplines to more purposefully tackle compound global challenges related to the climate crisis.

By showcasing substantive, promising strategies to transform our urban landscapes and living environments, and that stimulate the use of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in urban development narratives, designs and programs, IABR–2020 aims to foster people’s capacity to act, offer them real prospects for action, and even incite civic activism - the need for which seems more urgent every day.

IABR–2020–DOWN TO EARTH will focus on two major challenges –Water and Energy Transition– as levers for the comprehensive transformation of our urban landscapes, and for devising new ways to inhabit the Earth.
IABR–2020 opens in the first week of September 2020 (exact dates to be announced). The Water as Leverage exhibition will take place in the Keilezaal, centrally located in the IABR–Test Site M4H+ area, and will be open to the public until well in December.

Artist impression Keilezaal

image: GroupA

Please download and read the complete Open Call document carefully.
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