five catalogs, five biennales

Together, the five catalogs of the last five biennales –Open City: Designing Coexistence, Making City, Urban by Nature, The Next Economy and The Missing Link– provide an excellent overview of ten years of IABR. Not only of all exhibitions, activities and programs, but also of the ongoing reflection on urbanization in times of climate change that characterizes the IABR.

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With articles and essays by, among others, Henk Ovink, Asu Aksoy, Joan Clos, George Brugmans, Bruce Katz, Dirk Sijmons, Johan van der Gronden, Jelle Reumer, Floris Alkemade, Kees Christiaanse, Elisabete França, Maarten Hajer, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Keller Easterling, Edgar Pieterse and Fernando de Mello Franco.

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