Robbert de Vrieze (Westenschouwen, 1973) is a social designer and architect. With his agency and network Transformers he operates at the cutting edge of design, politics and economy.

After studying Industrial Product Design and Fine Mechanical Engineering Robbert worked for Philipsand design agencyEJOK. After having started his own design agency (first HUBand later Transformers) he developed a fascination for transformation of old buildings and brownfields. He worked on the transformation of the grain silo Maashaven and RDM Campus, both in Rotterdam. Living in a housing cooperative (Stampioendwarsstraten in the south of Rotterdam) sparked an additional fascination with self-organization. These interests led him to a study at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design where he graduated in 2012 on 'the Architecture of Politics & the Politics of Architecture'.

In 2013 he co-founded WIJ Delfshaven, an (a-)political network of citizens’ initiatives in Rotterdam West. He participated in local elections and served for four years as a citizens’ representative in the Area Council of Delfshaven. He co-founded Delfshaven Coöperatie, a neighborhood cooperative with a local investment fund for the long-term value development of Bospolder Tussendijken, one of the poorest districts of Rotterdam. With this partnership of institutional parties and local citizens and initiatives new initiatives on community building, welfare, work and energy were initiated and facilitated.
His interest in the healthy city concept made Robbert a founding member of Stadslab Luchtkwaliteit, a city lab that with input from citizens, entrepreneurs and designers made air pollution visible and tangible. He is also a board member at Bouwkeet, a social makerspace for children aged 10-15, and involved with the Grassroots Business Lab, an incubator for Rotterdam’s Roadmap Next Economy. More recently he co-founded Delfshaven Energie Coöperatie, an energy cooperative that wants to use the energy transition as leverage for social-economic impact.

In 2018 Robbert received the Job Dura Award for his work with Stadslab Luchtkwaliteit, and in the same year he also received the Van Der Leeuw Award at the Stadsmakers Conference for his work as a city-maker in Rotterdam.