Maria Christopoulou

Maria Christopoulou is a Greek architect engineer, urbanist, and writer based in Rotterdam. She graduated cum laude from The Berlage post-master in Architecture and Urban Design at Delft University of Technology. Before moving to the Netherlands, she obtained an integrated master of Architecture Engineering with honors from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

As a Junior Architect, she has been involved in the design and construction of buildings in various scales, exhibitions, and book design. As a researcher and a copywriter, she has collaborated with media practices and advertising agencies. Her professional experience spans from Greece to the Netherlands, with her work being published in several books, magazines, and architecture conferences across Europe.

Maria has broad artistic interests and considers drawing a speculative tool – she strongly believes in a cross-disciplinary, multimedia approach when it comes to research and architectural design. Her main interests gravitate around carrying capacities of urbanized areas, rethinking industrial operations from the machine to the geographical territory, and exploring architectural space through society and politics. Always keen on knowing more, she reads, thinks, writes, speculates, and designs, reflecting on all of the above.