Berlage Institute

24 May 2007, by Ivo Opstelten, mayor of Rotterdam, and Edi Rama, mayor of Tirana, Albania

Visionary Power
curators: Vedran Mimica, Joachim Declerck
location: Kunsthal Rotterdam

The New Dutch City
curator: Rients Dijkstra
location: Kunsthal Rotterdam

A Better World, Another Power
curator: Emiliano Gandolfi
location: NAI, Rotterdam

Form and the City
curator: Christine de Baan
location: Deelgemeentekantoor Feijenoord, Rotterdam

24 May until 2 September 2007
77.500 visitors

Conferences, lectures, screenings and other events

Publications and documentaries
Visionary Power: Producing the Contemporary City
Christine de Baan, Joachim Declerck & Véronique Patteeuw (ed)
2007, NAi Publishers

The Power of South
Christine de Baan, Sophie van Ginneken, Salomon Frausto (ed)
2007, IABR

Caracas, the Informal City
director: Rob Schröder
VPRO Tegenlicht in coproduction with IABR and Urban Think Tank Caracas

Caracas, The Informal City